BGP Path Selection Cheatsheet

Quick and easy to read BGP path selection priority table. How are routes chosen.

Why Was I Marked As Fraud When Buying A VPS?

Sometimes legitimate customers sign up for VPS hosting and end up getting marked as fraud. They might not even be able to sign up for a VPS. Why is that?

Override WGET Certificate Errors

An untrusted certificate or an invalid SSL/TLS certificate will cause wget to throw an error. This is how you bypass that error to download the file.

Top 2017 VPS Providers

There is a great price war going on in the VPS world. 2017 is a great time to get a new VPS and take advantage of the competition going on between providers.

Convert M4a on Ubuntu Linux

converting an m4a file into another format like mp3 is super easy on ubunutu Linux.

Vultr Cuts VPS Prices In Half In VPS Price War

It looks like we are seeing a great VPS price war between the major VPS providers. In a somewhat expected move, Vultr is not offering their VPS instances at half off.

Linode Putting Pressure On The Competition

Linode has added even more value to the VPS offerings, including a new $5 a month VPS plan. How does this compare to DO, Vultr and others?

Bouncing A Port -- Details

What does it mean to bounce a port/interface, and how does one bounce an interface? Networking terminology explained.

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