Vultr Cuts VPS Prices In Half In VPS Price War

It looks like we are seeing a great VPS price war between the major VPS providers. In a somewhat expected move, Vultr is not offering their VPS instances at half off.

Linode Putting Pressure On The Competition

Linode has added even more value to the VPS offerings, including a new $5 a month VPS plan. How does this compare to DO, Vultr and others?

Bouncing A Port -- Details

What does it mean to bounce a port/interface, and how does one bounce an interface? Networking terminology explained.

Back Up and Restore MongoDB

Backing up and restoring a mongoDB database is very easy. The tools used are similar to those used by mySQL.

Three VPS Hosts Providing Easy To Install Wordpress

Hosting a WordPress website on a VPS is easier than ever. Some of the top VPS hosts now provide a simple "one click" WordPress hosting image which will allow you to easily install WordPress on your VPS.

Non-Tech Jobs For IT Workers

Burned out with your IT job? Looking for something new? Need a less stressful career path? Here's some ideas for transferring your IT skills to other industries.

Linux Find and Replace in All Files

How to find and replace a string in all the files in a linux directory.

OHosti Review

OHosti is a new company offering free VPS, free webhosting and free domain names. Here is an honest review of their offerings.

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