3 Great 2016 VPS deals

VPS providers are really competing with one another this year. There's some really great deals that customers can get by signing up for a VPS right now.

Linode Adds RAM

First is Linode. They have made a big splash by doubling their RAM for their lower end VPS offerings. Ten dollars now gets you 2GB of RAM. This is a great deal and we expect other VPS providers will be forced to soon also increase the amount of RAM included with a VPS.

Digital Ocean Adds Block Storage

Not to be outdone, Digital Ocean has added customizable block storage to their VPS offerings. You can think of block storage as a virtual external harddrive. Think of it as a virtual harddrive that can connect to your existing VPSs. You can move it between VPS instances and resize it as much as you want.

You can have a gigabyte of block storage for only ten cents!


Vultr, who already offer block storage are now offering a $20 dollar account credit to new users. Their VPs instances start at five dollars a month, so that discount can equal 4 months of VPS usage before you have to pay anything. They are the only provider of the three that offers VPS instances for less than ten dollars a month.