Digital Ocean Alternatives

DigitalOcean is a great VPS provider. I use them for some of my projects and am generally very pleased with them. However they do not always meet my exact needs. If you are looking for a DigitalOcean alternative, this page lists the top providers you should be looking into. A great VPS provider should be responsive, reliable and efficient at providing you with a stable virtual server. If you are unhappy with your DigitalOcean (DO) droplet, consider using one of the following alternatives.


Vultr is a bit younger the DigitalOcean, but they are currently the rising star when it comes to VPS hosting. They offer great service and are a direct competitor to DigitalOcean. They offer competitive pricing and most of the benchmark tests that I have seen show Vultr providing faster and more powerful services than DigitalOcean.


At one point and time the only two options for cheap and reliable VPS services were DigitalOcean and Linode. Linode is actually the older of the two and still held in high regards by VPS users. You can find tons of comparisons between the two companies. The reason that there are so many comparisons is because it is so hard to find a clear winner between the two. Both provide good service. Being one of DO's main competitors, Linode is sure to be a good choice for many.


RamNode is a darling of low end users. Those who seek to get the absolute highest performance but want to pay the absolute lowest costs. If you do not have much money to spend but want a reliable VPS, RamNode is a great place to look.

Again, I use DO and find them to be one of the top VPS providers. However, if you need a DigitalOcean alternative, you cannot go wrong with any of the above. Save some time and compare the VPS plans of all of the above here.