SwiftUI Checkbox

How to make a checkbox using SwiftUI.

SwiftUI, Blue Default Button

How to make a standard blue button using SwiftUI.

Free In-depth Resources For The Intermediate Programmer

A self-taught FAANG software developer explains the best free, in-depth online resources for developers who have advanced beyond the beginner level. Advance your programming skills to the next level.

Three Ways for Software Engineers to Improve Their Focus

There are surprising ways in which a software engineer can help improve his or her focus. These tricks will help you get into a flow and stay in that flow while working.

Changed URL of WordPress Site Now it Wont Load

How to manually log into mysql to update your WordPress database after you set the wrong URL in your WordPress settings.

Top Choice For A VPS in Singapore

When looking for an Asian VPS, Singapore is a great, stable choice. Here are the best Singapore VPS providers I found and why I chose the one I did.

Testing Vue Translations

Learn how to write better unit tests for Vue localization and translation.

How To Prevent React/Redux From Rendering Needlessly

Your React/Redux application may slowing down due to unneeded component rerendering or calculations done when checking if a component needs to render.

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