Blowdryer on Laptop

Do not use a blowdryer on your laptop. The reason is that blowdryers at hot enough to damage or melt the plastic and silicon parts of your computer.

a melted keyboard

If you spill something on your laptop do not use the blowdryer. The first step is to turn off and unplug the laptop. You do not want the water to create a power surge and destroy your computer.

Once the computer is off, it is relatively safe from damage. Most of the damage to technology happens when it is wet and turned on not when it is wet and turned off. Of course moisture can damage a turned off laptop too. Best to avoid getting your laptop wet at all.

Once the laptop is turned off, you can simply leave it in a dry location and wait for it to dry.

A better and faster solution is to put the laptop in a bag with a few cups of rice. The rice will absorb the moisture from the spill and allow the laptop to dry faster. This is a method that can also be used for digital cameras and other electronics. Just make sure that the bag is sealed so outside moisture cannot get to the rice.

Depending on how much liquid got spilled into the laptop you may need to replace the rice one or more times.

Eventually, when the laptop is no longer wet on the outside and on the inside you can turn it back on and see if it will work or not. Make sure that it is completely dry. To check this you should be looking at the rice in the bag. If there is any moisture collected by the rice it means that the laptop is probably still not entirely dry. It's always better to be safe and give it extra time to dry.

If the laptop is dry and does not function properly it likely means that the electronics were damaged during the spill and parts need to be replaced. Not much can be done at that point beyond getting new hardware.