The Clear Counters Cisco command

Command: clear counters

Function: The 'clear counters' command is primarily used to erase the previously collected monitoring data from various interfaces and sub-interfaces on Cisco networking devices like routers and switches. Additionally, it assists in troubleshooting network performance issues and monitoring data utilization.


clear counters interface <interface-name>
clear counters interface range <interface-range>
clear counters interface type <interface-type>
clear counters interface all

Command Applicability:

Impact of 'clear counters':

Additional Information:

Note: Please refer to the official Cisco documentation for the specific syntax and detailed usage of the 'clear counters' command in your specific networking environment.

clear counters Usage Examples

1. Clear Interface Counters:

2. Clear IP Counters:

3. Clear ICMP Counters:

4. Clear TCP Counters:

5. Clear UDP Counters:

6. Clear Serial Counters:

7. Clear ATM Counters:

8. Clear Frame Relay Counters:

9. Clear ISDN Counters:

10. Clear Routing Counters:

- `clear counters routing` - Clears all routing counters.
- `clear counters routing ospf` - Clears OSPF routing counters.
- `clear counters routing rip` - Clears RIP routing counters.