The Copy Running-Config Cisco command

Command: copy running-config

Function: The copy running-config command is used to save the current running configuration of a Cisco device to a specified location. This command is commonly used to back up the configuration of a device before making changes, or to transfer the configuration to another device.


copy running-config [destination]



To use the copy running-config command, simply enter the command followed by the destination to which you want to save the configuration. For example, to save the running configuration to a local file named "config.txt", you would enter the following command:

copy running-config config.txt

Alternatively, to save the running configuration to a remote file, the syntax would look more like the following:

copy running-config scp://username:password@server/path/config.txt

To save the running configuration to a TFTP server, you would enter the following command:

copy running-config tftp://tftp-server-address/path/config.txt

Equipment Supported:

The copy running-config command can be used on a wide range of Cisco devices, including routers, switches, and firewalls.

Additional Notes:

copy running-config partial access-list config.txt
copy running-config to

copy running-config Usage Examples

The Cisco command 'copy running-config ' has several variations, each with its own purpose and usage:

1. Copy Running Configuration to Startup Configuration:

2. Copy Running Configuration to TFTP Server:

3. Copy Running Configuration to a Local File:

4. Copy Running Configuration to Serial or Console Port:

5. Configuring Transfer Options:

6. Copy Startup Configuration to Running Configuration:

These examples demonstrate various ways to use the 'copy running-config ' command on Cisco devices for configuration management, backup, and recovery purposes.