Cheap Domain Registration With Free WHOIS Privacy

Normally when you purchase a domain name with a domain registrar the information you give to the registrar becomes publicly available. This information includes your name, your physical address, your phone number and your email address. This is not the kind of information you want to give out to just anyone, let alone have it be publicly available to everyone on the Internet.

Luckly, most domain name registrars offer a WHOIS privacy option. This option hides all of your personal information from the public. The bad news is that many registrars charge an extra fee for this service.

Luckly, there are a few well respected domain name registrars who provide free privacy for all of their customers. Two of the cheapest domain registrars with free privacy are NameSilo and NameCheap. Both of these domain registrars include free privacy and free email forwarding with their registration services.

NameSilo is the cheaper of the two. They sell .com domains for $8.99, which is about as cheap as you can find. This includes free privacy for all the years you use their services. Use the coupon 'adminhacks' to save a dollar on their already cheap registration.

NameCheap is a good second option. They sell .com domains for $10.87 and free privacy is included for the first year. After that it comes to the cheap price of $2.88. Most other domain registrars charge around $9 for yearly WHOIS privacy, so this is a good deal.

If you are interested in buying a cheap domain check out our cheap domain name comparison to see exactly where you can find the cheapest domain names. The page also tells you if privacy is included.