Are Frantech and BuyVM the Same Company? and are two completely separate domain names. BuyVM is a nice site explaining in detail all the virtual private server (VPS) types for sale. yet when one clicks to order any of these VPSs they are sent over to Frantech. So what is the deal? Is this a scam?

The deal is that years ago Frantech offered a different type of product. It was more expensive and offered a lot more support. The business model was not working out, so they created the BuyVM website to see how cheaper and less begginer-friendly VPSs would sell. They sold well. So eventually, stopped offering their services and became a website which only sold the servers described on the BuyVM site.

It simply seems that the owners of the companies never managed to move everything to a single domain. This is in part because Franttech uses other front sites to sell other produces. is another front page that links back to I imagine it causes some confusion and even business loss, as it does look like a scam when BuyVm sends users over to Frantech.

However, has been around for a long time. They are a reputable VPS provider. They are not a scam. For whatever reason, if you want details on the VPS products they offer, go to Also, be sure to check out our VPS comparison page to see how BuyVM/Frantech compares to other leading VPS providers.