The How Ip Interface Brief Cisco command

The 'show ip interface brief' command is a valuable tool for network administrators and engineers to quickly gather information about the status of IP interfaces on Cisco networking devices, such as routers and switches. This command provides a concise overview of essential IP interface details, making it useful for troubleshooting, monitoring, and managing network connectivity.


show ip interface brief


The 'show ip interface brief' command displays a table containing the following information for each IP interface configured on the device:

  1. Interface: Displays the interface name, which uniquely identifies the physical or logical network interface.

  2. IP Address: Shows the IPv4 address assigned to the interface. If no IPv4 address is configured, the field displays "unassigned."

  3. Subnet Mask: Indicates the subnet mask associated with the interface.

  4. Up/Down: Indicates whether the interface is currently up or down. A "U" signifies the interface is up and operational, while "D" indicates it is down or administratively disabled.

  5. Protocol: Displays the routing protocol used by the interface. Common protocols include RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP. If no protocol is configured, the field shows "unassigned."

  6. Status: Provides information about the operational status of the interface. Typical status messages include "up," "down," "administratively down," and "not connected."

  7. Type: Indicates the type of interface, such as Ethernet, Serial, or Loopback.

  8. MTU: Displays the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value for the interface, which specifies the largest packet size that can be transmitted.


  1. Accessing Privileges: You must have at least "read-only" privileges to execute the 'show ip interface brief' command.

  2. Context: This command can be used in various contexts, including the privileged EXEC mode, the configuration mode, and the interface configuration mode.

  3. Output Filtering: You can use the 'show ip interface brief' command with additional parameters to filter the output and display only specific interfaces or information. For example, you can use the 'include' keyword to display only interfaces in a particular state, such as "show ip interface brief include up."

Equipment Support:

The 'show ip interface brief' command is supported on a wide range of Cisco networking devices, including routers, switches, and firewall appliances. It is a versatile command that can be used across various platforms and product lines.

Troubleshooting and Monitoring:

The 'show ip interface brief' command is a valuable tool for troubleshooting and monitoring network connectivity. By quickly identifying interface status, IP addressing, and protocol information, network administrators can pinpoint problems and identify potential issues in their networks.

Command Variations:

There are several variations of the 'show ip interface brief' command that provide additional information or customization options. Some common variations include:

  1. show ip interface brief | include up: Displays only interfaces that are currently in the "up" state.

  2. show ip interface brief | exclude administratively down: Excludes interfaces that are administratively down from the output.

  3. show ip interface brief | sort interface: Sorts the output alphabetically by interface name.

  4. show ip interface brief | no-header: Suppresses the table header, making the output more compact.

The 'show ip interface brief' command is a powerful and versatile tool that provides a wealth of information about IP interfaces on Cisco networking devices. It is a commonly used command for network troubleshooting, monitoring, and management tasks.

how ip interface brief Usage Examples

The Cisco command 'show ip interface brief' displays brief information about all IP interfaces configured on a Cisco router or switch. It provides a quick overview of the IP addresses, subnet masks, and administrative status of each interface.

Here are some examples of the output from the 'show ip interface brief' command:

Router# show ip interface brief
Interface              IP-Address      Mask                  Status
GigabitEthernet0/0         up
GigabitEthernet0/1         up
Serial0/0/0          down

The 'show ip interface brief' command can be used to quickly check the status of all IP interfaces on a Cisco device. It can also be used to troubleshoot interface issues by identifying interfaces that are down or misconfigured.