Linode Putting Pressure On The Competition

Linode is a well known and trusted VPS provider. They have long been one of the industry leaders in offering reliable VPS instances. They just upped their game even more. Lets see how their competition responds in the next few months.

$5 VPS

For the longest time, Linode was unable to complete with the lowest end VPS offerings. Their cheapest VPS was ten dollars per month. This led many potential customers, such as myself to look elsewhere. For many people, a ten dollar VPS has more power than they might need. So they opt for a less powerful VPS at half the price.

Finally, Linode is offering a five dollar VPS. This includes 1G of RAM, 20G of SSD storage, and 1TB of network data. It's a pretty great deal. You can see how this compares to other VPS offerings in our VPS comparison page.

High Memory Instances

A trend in the VPS industry is to offer VPS instances that cater to specific functions. Linode has stepped into this field by offering high memory VPS instances. These VPs plans are ideal for someone looking to run things that require a lot of memory but not as much CPU or storage space. This would include things like caching data. These plans start at $60 per month.

Linode has been increasing their offerings in the last year. They have been upping the amount of memory offering in their VPS instances. I am excited to see how their competitors respond to these new offerings.