Linode Pricing Compared

Linode is one of the top VPS providers. They are well known, have a good reputation and have been around long enough that they can be trusted. But how is Linode on pricing? Are Linode prices better than other top VPS providers?

Linode's VPS pricing starts at $10 per month and goes all the way up to $960 dollars per month. These prices fit a wide range of needs, from a low end cheaper VPS for amateurs and hobbyist system administrators to full on corporate clients.

If you are looking for a cheap VPS, $10 per month might be more than you want to spend. There are a number of other VPs providers who provide VPS service at under $10. Some go as low as $2 per month. When it comes to cheap VPS plans, Linode can be beat by other companies.

Where Linode really shines is the upper priced VPSs. There are very few VPS providers offering 96GB RAM VPSs. At that level most providers recommend getting a dedicated server. There are a couple other providers who you may want to look at to compare pricing with. Vultr is one and Digital Ocean is another. Both offer VPS plans that include 64GB or RAM.

A full comparison between Linode and other top VPS providers can be found here and a full list of Linode pricing can be found here.