Best Type of Domain Name for Higher Traffic

Do you have a great startup or blog or website idea? One of the most overlooked but crucial aspects of success versus failure is how to choose a great domain name. A great domain name can be the difference between large amounts of traffic and your site sitting all alone in the dark corner of the Internet, never getting noticed by anyone. If you are going to invest the time and money in setting up a website, you should strive for the best, most SEO friendly domain name possible.

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your website is created in a way that search engines such as Google love. A high ranking on Google search results will lead to more users than any other factor. Having the correct domain name can greatly increase your rankings and your traffic.

So what makes a SEO friendly domain name? You want words associated with your content. If you are writing about system administration, website administration or network administration, it makes sense to have the word 'admin' in your URL. Well, that's what we did when we decided on This domain name was not our first choice, but all the other choices we could think of were already taken.

When I say they were taken, I mean the .com domain names were already registered. There are other good domain name endings, such as .org or .net, but many of those were also taken.

The truth is, when finding a new domain name you should almost always look for a .com domain name. There are simply too many users who will always assume that a URL ends in .com.

Never, ever register a .co domain name. You will have far too many people assuming that it is a .com domain, and they will include the 'm' and will be unable to find your website.

.org and .net domain endings are common enough that many people will remember your URL. But you still risk loosing some traffic from people who cannot remember that your website does not end in .com.

Any other domain name ending is a bad idea. No matter how cleaver your .ninja or .io or dot-whatever domain name might sounds to you, people will not remember it.

When choosing a good domain name, look for words that will be associated with the content you plan on creating. Then try to find a .com domain name that contains those words. If you are unable to find a .com domain name with those words, then you have one of three choices to make.

1) Choose a different domain name ending. Rather than going with .com, go with .net or .org. Those are both popular endings. Do not go with any other endings as no one will be able to remember what your site's URL is.

2) Make your domain name longer. The longer your domain, the most likely people are to mistype it or forget it. We chose '' because it is short. We could have went with '' but that's a terrible domain name because it is too long.

3) This up some short and easy to remember words that don't have anything to do with your content; 'facebook', 'zilla' etc. These companies were able to build successful content without having a matching domain name. Instead they chose words that were memorable. Notice that they still use .com domains rather than some other cleaver ending URL.

So now that you have an idea of how to choose a domain name, choose a cheap domain name and get your site started!