NameCheap v NameSilo

NameCheap and NameSilo are two great domain name registrars. They both offer great support and offer two of the cheapest domain name prices. Which one is a better value depends on what type of services you need.

NameSilo is a bare bones domain name registrar. They offer domain name registration for cheap. They do not make money off of web hosting or other businesses. Because their main source of income is domain name registrations that is where their focus and support will be.

NameCheap on the other hand is a domain name registrar who also offers a number of other services, including web hosting and SSL certificates. Though they do not focus solely on selling domain names, they are still one of the most well respected domain name registrars.

NameSilo offers more than twice as many TLD endings as NameCheap, but does not include every TLD ending that NameCheap offers. If you want a .ninja domain name, then you will not find that are NameCheap, only NameSilo. At the same time, if you want a .io or TLD then you can only find that at NameCheap.

NameSilo is cheaper when it comes to the most popular domain name endings (.com, .net, and .org) but that does not mean it is always cheaper. If you are looking at less common TLDs then NameCheap can be cheaper. This is true of .club domain names for example.

If you search the Internet for reviews of these two companies you will find a lot of praise for both of them. Take a look at the following table to see a quick and easy comparison between the two.

NameCheap NameSilo
.com Domains $10.29/year $8.99/year
.net Domains $12.48/year $9.99/year
.org Domains $12.08/year $9.89/year
.club Domains $0.88/year $2.89/year
TLD endings 105 272
Whois Privacy $2.88/year Free
DNS Free Free
Paid WebHosting Yes No
Free Email Forwarding Yes Yes

Generally I have found NameSilo to be the better value of the two. That being said, NameCheap might be the cheaper or better option if you are looking for a less common TLD ending such as the .club or .io TLD.