NameSilo Review

NameSilo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular domain name registrars. Unlike certain other registrars they have done this will little advertising. Mostly their users have come from word of mouth recommendations.

I have been using NameSilo for my domain name registrations for about 4 years now and am very pleased with their services. I have a number of different domains registered there, and have contacted their support staff with a question a couple of times.

The domain name registration is easy, and they offer free email forwarding and WHOIS privacy. NameSilo is also one of the cheapest domain name registrars around. I pay under nine dollars per domain name per year.

Another really nice thing about NameSilo is that they never try to up-sell me or call me. I once registered a domain name with a different registrar and then received at least 3 calls where they tried to sell me their webhosting and SEO packages. I do not want a registrar that is going to try to upsell me.

Finally, I did contact NameSilo's support a couple of times. Not with any kind of problem, but with a couple simple questions about their domain name auctions. The replies were prompt and to the point which was great. It was clear their replies were not just a cut and paste reply. It made me feel confident that if I ever did need to contact their support I would get a reply quickly and painlessly.

Overall I do recommend NameSilo.

The only time I would recommend a different registrar is if you are looking for a super sale on a new domain name. Some registrars offer new customers a domain name for one dollar for the first year. This is a price where those registrars are actually losing money on you, but if you stay with them past that first year they will make back their money.

If you are confident that you will leave those registrars after that first year is up, it may be worth the effort of registering with them first and then transferring your domain away from them after the first year.

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