Netflix blocking HE IPv6

A IPv6 tunnel is a way to access IPv6 address space through the IPv4 protocol. It is a good way to become duel stacked and have both IPv4 and IPv6 even if your Internet service provider does not support IPv6 yet. Hurricane Electric offers free IPv6 tunnels.

These free tunnels have been used as a proxy service to access Netflix, hulu, youtube. The reason people use tunnels as a proxy server is because Netflix, hulu, Youtube and other content providers limit who can access their content based on the end user's location. Netflix's USA services are not going to be accessible to users in Germany for example. Using a proxy service allows users to view content that would otherwise not be accessible to them.

Hurricane Electric has one of the largest IPv6 networks in the world. Even so, such a large number of Hurricane Electric tunnel users have been using their free service to bypass Netflix location filters that Netflix has now blocked all Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel space. This means anyone using a Netflix IPv6 tunnel to access Netflix will be unable to connect.

One simple solution is to use IPv4 space when connecting to Netflix. You can either set your router to ignore all Netflix IPv6 space. Basically you need to find a way to be able to use the IPv6 tunnel as normal through the Internet except for Netflix.

This of course will not help you evade the Netflix geolocation filters. To do that you will have to find a new proxy service which masks your location.

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