New Digital Ocean and VirMach Pricing

VPS provider Linode increased the amount of memory in their VPS plans about a year ago. This made them and Vultr two of the most competitive VPS providers out there. Simply put, this made their VPS plans have the most memory and harddrive space for the least amount of money.

It was just a matter of time before Digital Ocean and other providers responded with their own price drop. I'm actually a bit surprised it took Digital Ocean as long as it did to drop their prices.

VirMach is another popular VPS provider that saw their own plans decrease in price due to this move. VirMach is a bit less known than the other providers, so they offer even better prices. This is because they are unable to compete on name brand alone.

The only VPS provider who we recomend strongly that has not yet dropped their prices is RamNode. Hopefuly they are able to decrease their prices to stay competitive, as their services are some of our favorite.

Changes In Digital Oceans Prices

Similar to the price change that Linode made a year ago, Digital Ocean halves the prices of their VPS plans. Or they doubled the amount of RAM in their VPS plans. It depends on how you look at things. But in the end you get twice as much RAM for the same price.

Digital Ocean also increased the amount of plans they offered. They created a new $20/month plan that includes 4GB of RAM. They also added a "Flexible Droplet" plan which costs $15/month and allows you to choose between RAM and CPU power. This is especially great for those who need a lot of CPU but not a huge amount of RAM (or vice versa).

These changes really put Digital Ocean back in the VPS game and might have made them more attractive than Linode overall.

VirMach Changes

VirMach also made some changed to many of their plans. Their changes were not as drastic as those of Digital Ocean, simply because VirMach is already cheaper than Linode and Digital Ocean for much of their offerings. They are much more price competative and don't have as much room to cut prices.

They did increase the disk space and the amount of RAM on some of their plans and then cut prices on some of their other plans. Their "Value+" plan currently starts at $2.25 a month, which is cheaper than any plan that Linode or Digital Ocean offer.

If you want to directly compare all of these VPS providers, check out our VPS comparison page.