The Nterface [Interface Type] [Interface Number] Cisco command


interface [interface_type] [interface_number]


interface [interface_type interface_number]


The 'interface [interface_type] [interface_number]' command is used to enter configuration mode for a specific interface on a Cisco router or switch. This command allows network administrators to configure the properties and parameters of the specified interface, such as IP address, subnet mask, and encapsulation type.


To use the interface command, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the 'en' (enable) command to enter enable mode.
  2. Use the 'interface [interface_type] [interface_number]' command to enter interface configuration mode. The interface type and interface number must be specified.
  3. Configure the desired interface settings using the available configuration commands.
  4. Use the 'exit' command to exit interface configuration mode and return to enable mode.

Equipment Compatibility

The interface command can be used on a wide range of Cisco routers and switches, including:

Additional Information

nterface [interface_type] [interface_number] Usage Examples

Interface Types:

Interface Numbers: