OHosti Review

OHosti is the first result I found when I put "free VPS" into google. I checked out their website, and man, it looks slick. The site looks professional and well put together. It also looks like they offer a ton of stuff, all for free.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There are companies that offer free VPS options. Those free VPS and free webhosting options usually come with some kind of non-monetary cost. Many sites require you to spend a bunch of time posting on forums or getting others to sign up for their services. The amount of time spent getting free hosting would have been better spent working at a job and just paying for a decent cheap VPS.

OHosti does not seem to require anything from you. They're just giving away free services. The truth about OHosti is that this offer is too good to be true. You can sign up for OHosti, but you will get nothing.

OHosti Is A Scam

OHosti will let you sign up for all the multiple things that they offer; free VPS, free shared hosting, free domain names, etc. They will then mark your order as 'pending' and you will never get beyond the pending stage.

Most likely what they are doing is collecting your information to then sell to other hosting providers. Those other providers will then bombard you with advertisements in the hopes that you buy their services. Instead of free hosting, you will get a bunch of spam.

If you give OHosti your information they will make money and you will get nothing.

Are Free Hosting Offers Ever Real?

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That being said, there are actual organizations and companies that offer free webhosting and free VPSs. There is almost always some kind of catch though. Either the service sucks and is totally unreliable or there is a huge waiting list or you have to spend 10 hours every week jumping through hoops just to get enough points to qualify for the free service.

Free webhosting/VPS is never really worth it. You can buy a reliable honest hosting or VPS service for $5 per month. If you cannot afford that, then spend your time looking for a part time job instead of wasting your time trying to find a free VPS.