.Org Domains Just Got More Expensive

.Org domain names are one of the top domain name extensions. Along with .com and .net they are the top three most commonly purchased domain name TLDs. In August of 2016, the price of these .org domain names will go up for many registrars.

The reason is that the Public Interest Registry (PIR) have increased their rates. The PIR is a non-profit who runs the .org (and .ngo and .ong) domain names. The way domain names work is that there are organizations that run each top level domain (TLD). They are the ones who make up the policy for each domain name ending.

So the PIR makes up the policy for all .org domain names. This includes the price that they charge domain name registrars to sell .org domain names. Registrars, such as NameCheap or NameSilo do not control the TLDs that they sell. They do not manage the .org TLD, they instead sell .org domains.

Every time a registrar sells a domain name, they pay a fee to the organization which actually manages the TLD. So every time NameCheap sells a .org domain, they pay a fee to PIR. This is just one of the costs that a domain name registrar incurs for selling domain names.

So, as of August 2016, the .org domain name cost just went up about a dollar. This means that every domain registrar now has to pay PIR an extra dollar anytime someone purchases or renews a .org domain name. As with most businesses, the domain name registrars will pass this cost on to the consumer. So expect .org prices to go up at least a dollar in the near future.

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