Public iperf Servers

There's a number of online speed test websites, but they are all intended to test residential connections of less than 100Mb. They are also non standard and reliy among other things on browser speeds.

iperf on the other hand is an industry standard open source tool used to test network speeds well beyond 100Mb. Jperf is a GUI front end to iperf.

Common usage for iperf would be:

iperf -c

with being the server that you are testing to.

A list of public iperf servers can be found here:

Another option is to use BWCTL and find a local server using perfSONAR. This will allow you to use a much larger group of servers.

Finally, a trick to using iperf without a server is to send iperf data to a router which has the target IP address null routed. This will only work with UDP as UDP packets are one directional. This will allow you to measure the max bandwidth of a connection, but without having to use a remote server of any kind. The client maxes out the connection to the router and the router then just drops the packets. It's a neat little hack to test bandwidth when you have access to a router but do not have a remote iperf server to test to.