RamNode Alternative

RamNode is a popular low-end VPS provider. They distinguished themselves from most low-end VPS providers by creating a stable and reliable VPS service for a low price.

Not everyone is happy with their RamNode service. If you are looking for a RamNode alternative, check out these RamNode competitors. You might be surprised in what they have to offer.


A great RamNode alternative would be Vultr. Vultr is a larger operation than either RamNode or BuyVM. This means a larger support staff and a larger number of locations available. Vultr is a younger company, but has grown in leaps and bounds within the VPS world. They have rapidly become one of the most recommended VPS providers on the Internet today.

If you are looking to upgrade from your RamNode VPS, be sure to give Vultr a look. They have over a hundred thousand happy customers.

BuyVM / Frantech

This is a bit confusing because BuyVM/Frantech have two websites both selling the same thing. You can see the details of their VPS procuts on the BuyVM page, but then you end up ordering through the Frantech page. I do wish they would just combine the two.

They also offer really low end VPSs such as a 128MB VPS for $15/year. Something RamNode no longer offers.

RamNode is a good VPS provider. We use them ourselves for certain projects. But they are not ideal for everything. Check out BuyVM and Vultr and see if they have a VPS plan that better fits your needs.