The Show Users Cisco command

Command Name: show users

Function: The 'show users' command in Cisco networking displays information about the users currently connected to a device. It provides details such as username, IP address, interface, login time, and other relevant information.

Usage: The 'show users' command can be used on various Cisco devices, including routers, switches, and access points. To execute the command, enter 'show users' in the command-line interface (CLI) of the device.

Output: The output of the 'show users' command typically includes the following information:

Additional Information:

show users Usage Examples

  1. Show All Users (Detailed Information):
show users | include (username | address | login_time)
  1. Show Active Users:
show users active


show users active | count
  1. Show Users Logged In Within a Specific Time Range:
show users since 00:00 | include (username | address | login_time)
  1. Show Users Connected to a Specific Interface:
show users interface GigabitEthernet0/1
  1. Show Users Authenticated by a Specific Method:
show users authentication-method radius
  1. Show Users Whose Sessions Are Idle:
show users idle
  1. Show All Users Including Inactive Sessions:
show users all


show users all | include (username | address | login_time)
  1. Show Non-Telnet Users:
show users include non-telnet
  1. Show Users Connected from a Particular IP Address:
show users source-ip
  1. Show Specific User Details:
show users username john_doe | include (username | address | login_time)