Vim/Vi Learning Game

Also see this vim maze game.

This vim/vi game covers basic movement commands. I highly recommend starting with some basic commands and then just using vim to edit files. As you progress and learn the basics you can begin to add more advances vim commands. Learning vim is a process that should be taken in steps. You will get frustrated and quit if you attempt to learn all vim commands in a week. Start slow and add commands when you are comfortable, one or two at a time.

This vim learning game will help you with moving around a file and deleting text. Remember that to open a file you should type vim filename in the linux command line.

To see a list of the most common vim commands check out the vim cheatsheet. It will cover all the commands in this game and many more.

For this game in particular you want to remember:

h - move cursor left one character
j - move cursor down one line
k - move cursor up one line
l - move cursor right one character
w - jump forwards to the start of a word
e - jump forwards to the end of a word
b - jump backwards to the start of a word
0 - jump to the start of the line
$ - jump to the end of the line
G - go to the last line of the document
x - delete character
dw - delete a word
dd - delete a line

Once you have these down you can open a file in vim and try to move around, and maybe make some simple edits. From there, look at the cheatsheet and add commands as needed.