pangloss/vim-javascript Error Fix

I was setting up vim plugins on a new machine and after installing /pangloss/vim-javascript/ plugin for vim i would see:

Error detected while processing /home/jojo/.vim/plugged/vim-javascript/syntax/javascript.vim: line 100: E59: invalid character after \@ E475: Invalid argument: jsRegexpString start=+\%(\%(\%(return|case)\s+)\@50<=|\%(\%([)]"']|\d|\w)\s)\@<!)/(\|/)\@50!+ skip=+\.|[\%(\ .|[^]])*]+ end=+/[gimy]{,4}+ contains=jsRegexpCharClass,jsRegexpGroup,@jsRegexpSpecial,@htmlPreproc oneline keepend Press ENTER or type command to continue

This is a problem with byte limiting. It is a known issue and the solution was to remove the '50' from line 100 in my /home/jojo/.vim/plugged/vim-javascript/syntax/javascript.vim file.