VirMach Review

UPDATE 2023: Virmach is not longer operating a valid service. They have stopped responding to tickets and their VPS instances are offline. Looks like the company has closed without informing customers.

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VirMach is a low-end VPS provider. I had heard about them here and there for a few years, but recently began to see a lot of people recommend them as a great alternative to a lot of the established VPS providers. I wanted to check them out, so I created an account and began to use them. It's now been a few months, and I am happy to write this VirMach review.

What Makes VirMach Different?

There's a lot of VPS hosting providers in the world. It can be difficult to choose one, and it can be even more difficult for a VPS company to stand out from the crowd.

VirMach is attempting to do a very difficult task. They hope to compete on both price and quality of services. They claim to be the best AND cheapest VPS provider. That is a difficult task. Generally, you get what you pay for, and if something is cheap, it's not going to be the best. And the best things are not going to be cheap.

For me the biggest thing that differentiated VirMach from other VPS providers that I looked at is their offerings of both Linux and Windows VPS plans. Windows VPS hosting can be expensive and it is refreshing to see an affordable VPS host offer Windows plans.

Another offering that sets VirMach apart are their free backups. Every single other VPS host that I currently use charges extra for backup services. It's really nice and convenient to have your host do your backups for you. Making sure that backup scripts are properly running is one of the main recurring tasks that I have to do while administering my servers. It's great to have someone else do it for me. Though I am paranoid enough that I still make my own backups. But you can never have too many backup sources, right?

VirMach also offers DDOS protection. This is important because though the content I host is not very controversial or prone to attacks, I don't want a DDOS on my VPS neighbors to affect my servers. Knowing that there are DDOS protections available makes me feel safer about hosting with a company.

VirMach also offers a 100% uptime guarantee, which I honestly don't care that much about. Most hosts offer some type of uptime guarantee, but all you really get if your server goes down is some credit with the company. I'm more interested in the outage history of a VPS company than their SLA guarantees.

VirMach has ten different locations, including one in Germany.

My VirMach Experiance

So far, VirMach has definitely impressed me. My VPS instance has had 100% uptime, with no issues.

The specs for my VPS are as advertised. I have not seen any unusual load in CPU or memory or anything that would indicate trouble on the server that I am on. I feel like for the price I am paying, I am getting a great deal.

Because I have not had any issues, I only opened a single (low priority) support ticket and that was to recommend a change for their website. They replied in a couple of hours and took my advice.

After a few months of service with VirMach I am quiet happy and would definitely recommend them. As advertised, their plans are very cheap for the specifications one gets.

They offer a surprisingly large amount of hosting plans, so take a look at their website and see if any of these plans fit what you are looking for.