What Are Local Fault and Remote Fault Errors On A Router?

On certain networking devices you will see a local fault error or a remote fault error. There errors are produces when link fails to establish. The result is a down port.

VirMach Review

A full review of VPS provider VirMach. Read our honest experience with Virmach as a hosting company.

How Not to Network a Nation

How Not to Network a Nation -- The Uneasy History of the Soviet Internet by Benjamin Peters. After the death of Stalin, the Soviet Union failed to create a nationwide network to rival America's ARPANET.

Why It's Harder Than Ever To Start A VPS Business

VPS hosting used to be a business for tech savvy entrepreneurs. Here are four reasons why starting a VPS hosting business is harder than ever.

Using BGP For Internet Censorship

BGP is the protocol that connects the Internet. It can also be used by governments and private networks to block Internet access to certain websites. Internet censorship works through BGP...

What You Need To Know About IPv6 Address

An IPv6 address is more complex than an IPv4 address. Due the this complexity, an IPv6 address provides a lot more information. There are come IPv6 details you need to know to correctly use IPv6 in your network...

Amazon EC2/S3 Versus VPS Hosting

Amazon EC2 and S3 is very different from VPS hosting in some important ways. Choosing the correct host is important for your wallet and your uptime.

BGP Full Table Size

How to know you are getting a full table of the Internet? A BGP full table will vary from provider to provider, but the total amount of routes you see should be around...

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