ODD HDD enclosure

Something a system administrator or IT tech ends up doing often is updating or installing an operating system or booting from a live CD. This can lead to stacks of different operating system CDs and DVDs laying around. An iodd hard-disk enclosure is a secure and easier way to deal with the need for multiple operating system images.

An iodd is a device which allows the owner to copy multiple CD or DVD images (.iso files) onto a hard-drive, and then access any of the images whenever they are needed. The images can be sorted in different files to make them easier to locate. The iodd plugs into a computer using a USB cable. This allows the iodd to be used with all modern computers, including those which do not have an optic drive.

Once plugged in through the USB the user can select which iso image to load, and the iodd acts as if it were an optical drive. This allows booting directly from the iodd along with updating and upgrading the same way one would do from a CD or DVD.

An iodd typically has two modes, a HDD mode and an ODD mode. The first allows changes to be made to the hard-drive inside the iodd. This is the mode where iso images are added and organized on the iodd. The ODD mode is used as a virtual optical disk. This allows the iodd to act like a CD or DVD drive, allowing access to iso images.

If you administer multiple systems and find yourself burning images onto CDs and DVDs often, you should consider an iodd device. Being able to virtualize these disks will be a blessing. This is one of those tools a system administrator do not realize they need until they get one.