Top Choice For A VPS in Singapore

Singapore is a wealthy, stable, reliable country. When looking for a VPS provider you want them to be stable and reliable. You need the location of your VPS to have a well maintained power grid, well connected Internet connections, and strong laws so that the VPS provider does not scam you. All of this can be found in Singapore.

Along with all of this, Singapore is in a great Asian location, close to many other Asian Internet hubs. Hosting a VPS in Singapore will ensure a short connection to countries like China, Japan, Thailand, India, etc.

Singapore is home to a number of good VPS providers. Choosing a provider can be difficult. I tried out a few different VPS providers and tested them for their reliability, speed, price, and the responsiveness of their customer support.

The Best Overall Singapore VPS Provider

I recommend Vultr as your top Singapore VPS provider. Vultr is a top rated VPS provider that actually has data centers around the world, including Singapore and Japan. They offer high quality VPS offerings (they call them "SSD Cloud Instances") for fantastic prices.

The fact that Vultr has other datacenter around the world is extra great for anyone who wants to run VPS instances in different parts of the world. Why have accounts at a bunch of separate VPS providers when you can simply use one reliable provider for all your locations?

I have been a customer of Vultr for around three years now, and I have found them nothing but reliable. Their customer service is always super fast and knowledgable to reply to any ticket that I open, even if it is something as simple as a billing question.

Anther Great Option

If for some reason Vultr does not interest you, check out Digital Ocean. You've actually probably already heard of them and just didn't realize they operate in Singapore. Well, they do.

Digital Ocean has made a name for being a developer-friendly VPS service. They cater to coders, hobbyists, and developers. They write a ton of great how-to articles for setting up and running Linux VPS instances.

The reason I put them at number two, below Vultr is that their VPs instances tend to be a little pricier than those offered by Vultr. If you don't mind paying a little bit more a month, then Digital Ocean is a fantastic company. I've been running a website one of their $5 VPS instances for years now, and I have never had a single issue or instance of downtime.

Something A Little More Risky

If you are looking for a Singapore VPS provider that is offering Windows machines, or is not based in the USA, or has cheaper deals, you may want to check out host4fun. This is an Indian company offering VPS services in a number of locations including Singapore. I don't have a long history with them, but I did try them out, and they do seem to offer a reliable service.

Their domain name is about 5 years old, so they are not as old as Vultr of Digital Ocean, but 5 years is not an insignificant amount of time, especially in the VPS business.

If you are willing to use a company that does not have as well known of a reputation as the above businesses, then host4fun might be a great, affordable option for you.

I recommend going to all three websites, and taking a look at their VPS/Computer instance plans. Sign up for one or all three and reach out to their support emails if you have any questions.

Again, Singapore is a great place to host a VPS and all three of the above are good choices.