How To Reinstall/Reset A RamNode VPS OS

The other day I got a new RamNode VPS. The ordering is painless and simple, however I made a mistake and installed Debian 7 when I meant to install Debian 8 Minimal. Whoops. It actually took me a few minutes to figure out how to reinstall the operating system for my VPS.

The place to do a RamNode OS reinstall is at The trick is, you do not use the same login you use for your RamNode client area. Instead you have a different user name and password.

To find this user name and password you should log into the RamNode client area, RamNode. There's a button in the top right to do so. Once you are logged in to the client area, you will need to check the emails that RamNode has sent you. This too took me a minute to find.

To check your RamNode emails you want to find the "Hello NAME" text, where NAME is your name. This should be to the top right, under the "affiliates" link, above the "Account Overview" section. Click there, click "email history" and should see a list of past emails. What you are looking for is the first message with a subject of "RamNode VPS Information (PLEASE READ FULLY)". That will have all your login information, including the login information for

Once you are finally in things are pretty self explanatory. Select your virtual server, select manage, and then select reinstall.

Note that reinstalling your VPS OS will lead you to lose everything. It's a blank slate. This is great for times where your VPS may have been hacked or you broke something and have a good backup or you simply want a refresh new VPS. This is also where you can reboot or shutdown your server.