Vultr Cuts VPS Prices In Half In VPS Price War

Just yesterday we wrote about how VPS provider Linode is putting pressure on their competition by cutting prices and increasing their memory offerings. It looks like top VPS provider Vultr is fighting back by slashing their prices in half.

Vultr is now offering a 512MB VPS at $2.50 per month and their 1G VPS matches that of Linode's new price at five dollars a month. All other VPS plans now offer twice as much RAM as before, and most offer more SSD disk space. This is an amazing deal.

This VPS price war is great for consumers looking for a high quality VPS at great prices. No longer do consumers have to go to some lesser known start up VPS provider to get a cheap yet powerful VPS instance. I am excited to see what steps other major VPS providers take to compete with these new Vultr offerings.

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